The Death of Everything Good and Wonderful: A Lighthearted Look at the Dark, Disturbing Truth

Let’s role play:

You’re an ordinary, middle-class, American 9-5 kind of guy with a job he hates, a wife who hates him, and two annoying teenage brats for children, one of who reeks of marijuana and the other who is threatening to run away with the drug dealer next door. So you get home after a long, hard day of sitting on your ass and you turn on the television. What do you see? Bombings, death, destruction, terrorism, and Piers Morgan. What on earth do you do now?

Truthfully, there really isn’t a whole lot you can do. After all, this is America: land of the brainwashed, and home of the terrified. God, how I miss the days when I could wave the American flag with pride and listen to ‘You’re a Grand Ol’ Flag’ on repeat 24/7 during the fourth of July. It’s all gone up shit’s creek, hasn’t it? Even ignoring the fact that my little scenario does not take into account how much the media hides from us, if we were to view the entire world through the eyes of a 24 hour news addict, I don’t think very much people would wish to partake in this awful thing called life anymore. After all, what great things await us other than terrible shit?

Hold onto your butts. It get’s worse.

We are slowly but surely goosestepping our way toward totalitarianism. Free thinking is not encouraged here, if indeed it ever was. Our schools do not want to produce bright minds but sour faces who will go to work on Wall Street. Our churches don’t wish to help feed the hungry but feed their pockets. Our politicians–well– they’ve always been greedy but now they don’t even bother to pretend to be regular, ordinary guys.

And all around you they will tell you that this is just how it is. That there is never going to be any change. This is reality. This is truth. This is the ‘American Way’. . .


There are exceptions to all of these rules and lots of good to be found on this planet. The bad things seem more apparent only because that is all they’ll show you on the TV screen. But as long as the politicians, society, the media, your grandparents, and everyone else can convince you that there is no hope, whether intentionally or not, there will be no hope.

The often quoted Gandhi once said ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’. Well I say your are already that change. All it takes is the realization.

So keep positive, friends. Stay alive. And never forget the immortal words of the angel Clarence: “Nobody is a failure who has friends.”

. . .except Justin Bieber.


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