Welcome to the American Nightmare

  Today marks the 100th day of a hunger strike in the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison. Activists have submitted a petition to the US government that was signed by around 370,000 people, in the hopes that somebody in the government would listen. I’ve never been a huge fan of petitions. The responses to these petitions […]

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There is no hope. . .except for hope

I don’t care if its the state of our country or the state of World Wrestling Entertainment: you can make deductions based on certain patterns of behavior. I’m assuming if you’re reading this blog, you have at least a basic understanding of the patterns that are emerging from our government i.e. a willingness and ability […]

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Why I Support Bradley Manning

  I support Bradley Manning because he brought us the gospel of truth. Some high government and military officials didn’t want us to see the truth, so now they want him to pay—perhaps with his life.   This is wrong on all sorts of different levels but many people a lot brighter than me have […]

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Bradley Manning

  Bradley Manning‘s incarceration, torture, and the way the trial is being handled is a slap in the face to every American. His crime was showing the world the horrors of the Iraq War that our government is trying to desperately to keep secret from the entire world, while it’s knowledge is already online, easily […]

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