Schumer and McCain think Russia should “pay the price” for harboring Edward Snowden

According to an article by Alexandera Jaffe: “They should pay a price, either diplomatic, economic, geopolitical, for doing what they did. They’re always putting their finger in our eye,” said Schumer on “Fox News Sunday,” arguing for repercussions against Russia. So what are we going to do? Go to war with Russia over an American […]

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Plea to the Insane (Poem)

When you can’t stand on your own headWhen the great stone walls fill you with dreadWhen the mighty men lose face with their girlWhen on tippie toes they spin and twirl When you forget where your eyes are placedWhen all you can think of is your first kisses tasteWhen you no longer see where time […]

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Goodnight Irene

Irene is going to bed now. Goodnight Irene. Irene took Xanax and now she’s going to sleep forever. The other day she was so spaced out from the medication. That’s what she said. I replied, oh really, not understanding completely what she meant. She lit up a cigarette. I remember when that was cool. Now, […]

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On Writing

When it comes to writing, I find that I cannot stop. No matter what I do, I always fall back towards it as if I were a hopeless addict. Writing is very difficult and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody who didn’t need to do it; that’s why God created television. Whenever I get the […]

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Thought Police are coming!

OK, so maybe this isn’t much of a surprise for people reading this who are ‘in the know’ but it is still worth noting. I think Cenk makes a great point about the frog in boiling water. We are boiling, and we need to do something about this problem. What exactly? That is not up […]

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Support Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown is an investigative reporter and ex-operative of Anonymous, the world-wide hacking collective. He has been indicted three times and is facing over a hundred years in prison. On the surface, we are supposed to believe that Barrett Brown is a danger to federal agents and society as a whole. In reality, the only […]

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