Bradley: A Poem


Yesterday, I attended a mass rally for Bradley Manning two days before his court martial. Not knowing what I can write that hasn’t been written before, I decided to do something a little more creative:


Tomorrow is here,
but truth is nowhere near,
Where there should be tears,
There is only fear,
Along that solid road I steer,
Hoping that we will sit and have a beer,
Instead you are in prison; outside I’ve appeared
Praying the powers that be will no longer leer.


Can you see what we’ve become?
Can the truths set in motion be undone?
Can lies and entanglements no longer run?
Can democracy be given by the barrel of a gun?
Can you ever enjoy yourself and have fun?
Can you get respect deserved or be forever shunned?
Can you be who you are and soak up the sun?
Can you criticize and preach truth without being hung?


Is it love of country or love of truth?
I don’t think it matters when the cannons are loose
Because your name will forever shape my hope’s resolute
And ignorance of this will be our country’s noose
If humanity’s face is stomped on by a boot
Then its yours that will turn it away from those roots
And give way to the courage that is of the same
Bradley Manning may your bravery never be in vain.


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