The Personal versus the Political: The Fated Decision for these Nightmarish Times

doj-iphoneI do a lot of thinking nowadays. It’s hard not to for some reason; even when I try to watch stupid television shows, hang out with stupid people, and live a stupid life. Somehow. . .I can’t.

But then again, there has never been a time that I could. After all, I was just a young man searching for hope, whatever form it came in. I knew things were wrong, but I couldn’t see a way out. I knew it was only a matter of time, but I couldn’t control it. I knew people would change their minds, but then maybe they wouldn’t. After all, this is my time, my choices, my hopes, my fears. It’s all in this tiny spectrum of what I call my life.

And it’s here I remain regardless of circumstance.

But it came upon me that I was getting in to something bigger than myself. It came upon me that it was an overwhelming force that cannot be stopped. It was a gigantic hole living in the heart of humanity, and it was about time that it conquered the day.

So what is there left? Another fading dream? Another lost cause? Another terrifying blow to the human race?

Or is it a true account of our own personal experiences, wrapped up into one collective soul? the same wisdom that Tom Joad learned from Preacher Casey?

For me, this is how I view politics. I think in some ways it is the only way to view it without going absolutely insane. The fact is the government is spying on you regardless of whether they had reason to believe you’ve done anything wrong. As usual, people are quietly accepting this apparently forgetting what we learned in social studies class in elementary school. Was I an idealist to believe in American Democracy?
You cannot dare to hope. You cannot dare to despair. But you can dare to do nothing or change everything. It’s been humanity’s struggle since the dawn of time.

But choose wisely, because you only have one chance.


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