‘Dirty Wars’ Impressions


I just finished watching the Jeremy Scahill tour-de-force ‘Dirty Wars’ and all I can say is. . .wow.

If you get a chance to see this film, I highly recommend it. It provides great insight into the covert wars being waged around the world justified as counter-terrorism. The reality though is that this war is more costly than most Americans can imagine. Not just on a financial scale, of course, but on civilian populations.

Some of the images in the film are disturbing. You see everything from maimed bodies of pregnant women to dead babies. This movie paints a very grim picture of atrocities committed by our government against civilian populations, including American citizens on foreign soil without charge or trial.

But even more disturbing than the images of corpses, is the question posed at the very end of the film: “How does the war ever end, and what happens to us when we finally see what’s hidden in plain sight?”

My understanding is that this is a war that is never going to end. This has been made clear by statements by officials from the Obama Administration as well as our habit of creating more terrorists than we destroy, through drone strikes and targeted assassinations.

I’m not sure if the American populace will ever see or realize the harm that our current government is doing with the War on Terror, but it is up to journalists and activists to create better public awareness in order that we will halt these terrible policies.

With that said, watch this movie and bear in mind the moral obligation we have as citizens to stay informed, especially when watching the disturbing parts.


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