In Relation to Dawn

In relation to Dawn
Her hair bright yellow blond,
Her ideas warped in a shadowy mist.

I think of her and pray
as I do everyday
That she will one day know the truth.

That truth will come,
In the form of the sun,
that rises over her head.

That it would be me,
Not some other seed,
to bear fruit and live till we die.

And when that time comes,
It will again be the sun,
that shows us another brightened day.

But I know it can’t be
For the life that’s in me.
That it will ever come to fruition.

For her blonde yellow hair,
It’s very roots are ensnared,
By the grasp of the weed that is man.

The only way to break,
Is to give up your hate,
and never live in the past.

But I still sometimes wonder,
When I’m feeling real under,
Where it came from and when it will be.

The blue sea shines,
But my clock unwinds,
And I stand as still as the wind,

It’s then that I wonder,
And believe me I wonder,
If and when will it come.

So in relation to Dawn,
It’s just another song,
and never mind that its not even sung.

For there will come a day,
When I won’t sit and pray
And tomorrow I will see Dawn.


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