The Anti-Snowden Smear Campaigns


I don’t know if I even really have to reference this. Just turn on any major news network and all you will find is hate for Edward Snowden and love of Big Brother.

The parallels to the book 1984 by George Orwell are almost comical now. Forget all the stuff about the NSA, just look at the mud they are slinging at Snowden! Just replace ‘Snowden’ with ‘Goldstein’ and boom it’s 1984 all over again, complete with a two-minute-hate, only in this universe its a 24/7 news cycle hate.

I was originally going to post videos of various people smearing Snowden but even though I don’t have very many readers, I do not want to expose them to any bullshit. If you really want bullshit, turn on CNN. You won’t find it here.

The truth is Edward Snowden is a hero because he is risking his life to expose to the world something that was strongly suspected by many of us already: that we are being watched. If the mainstream media is too dense to realize the significance of what he has done, we’re in a lot of trouble folks.


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