On Writing

When it comes to writing, I find that I cannot stop. No matter what I do, I always fall back towards it as if I were a hopeless addict. Writing is very difficult and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody who didn’t need to do it; that’s why God created television.

Whenever I get the perverse idea that I should stop, I sit alone in a dark room and try to imagine what life would be like if I couldn’t put my thoughts into words onto a blog or a notebook. Then, I continue. Clearly it is not about the money and all about the soul.

Writing about current events, to me, is easier than writing about your own hidden agendas. It takes a lot of courage to expose your feelings to a wider audience. I don’t really know how many people actually read this blog, but I hope those that do are getting something out of it … I hope but, then again, I really don’t care because–well–I’m doing this for myself just as much if not more.There is no moral to the story this time. I just wanted to share my thoughts about writing in a very general way. Feel free to give me feedback in the comments section. I sure would appreciate it.


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