The Government’s Appetite for the Young and Fearless


What is the United States government other than a gigantic conglomeration of bitter old men who don’t mind sending intelligent, creative young men to jail on trumped up charges?

Bradley Manning is a famous example of this, but there is also Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, and others. There is an obvious disconnect between the older and younger generation; it is this abrasion which is causing the most problems. All around the world, tech savvy professionals are changing the way we do journalism and activism. Obama, Graham, Feinstein, Clapper, Holder, and others are really just glorified dinosaurs trying to hold out against the meteorite that is the internet. Nothing can stop it now, but yet they don’t mind ruining a few lives before they meet their end.

It is not worth quoting any of the aforementioned endangered species called politicians. The government represented either individually or collectively, has no opinion that is worth repeating or worse yet giving credence to. Why? Because it is the Barrett Browns, the Jeremy Hammonds, the Edward Snowdens, and the Bradley Mannings who will inherit the earth … if the United States survives to see that day.

The United States Government’s interests do not match up to the disconnected. The government’s lies are not going to make them change their ways. They know this and, because they know, it is harder to stop them. A Bob Dylan illustrates this perfectly: ‘Come mothers and fathers throughout the land/don’t criticize what you can’t understand/your sons and your daughters are beyond your command.’The times certainly are changing … eternally. It’s time for the older generation to step aside and let the young folks take charge. Their way is not working.


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