Plea to the Insane (Poem)

When you can’t stand on your own head
When the great stone walls fill you with dread
When the mighty men lose face with their girl
When on tippie toes they spin and twirl

When you forget where your eyes are placed
When all you can think of is your first kisses taste
When you no longer see where time begins
When your view of the world you are forced to rescind

When you don’t feel wanted anymore than needed
When you can’t beat the score of the defeated
When you terrorize your dreams with nightmares of your own
When you long for that moment when you can be alone

When you speak in tongues that say little
When the words you receive are meant to belittle
When you gain the lie but lose the truth
When you realize that you can’t fit in your own noose

It’s at that time where you stand up and stop
And realize that it’s just a pick of the straw lot
This is a plea to the insane don’t live in vain
And never forget to use your brain.


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