Letter to Bradley Manning

Dear PFC. Bradley Manning, Your honor and your courage has truly inspired me. I became interested in the truth when I was younger; I became semi-serious about the truth when I became a writer; and–now–I am completely serious about the truth today, thanks to you. You have inspired me to be a journalist. I believe […]

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Small hands picking up cigarettes off pubescent sidewalks, Lighting them by fires held in my palms, Seeking, seeking the last of the nicotine that comes, From the butts of a filter where there is no tobacco. My head swells with ideas of greatness At words that I pump out with my fists Great adolescent dreams, […]

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Listening to Barry McGuire

I don’t want to listen to Barry McGuire, Or maybe I do. The whole thing seems depressing, yet it gives me a perverse kind of pleasure, like an s and m fetish, only through politics and music. Maybe I don’t really want change, Maybe those who occupy are no different, Maybe we need chaos for […]

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The Death of a Marine

Wrote this in high school. . .another flashback. =================================== A bomb explodes; bullets fly; a marine falls to the ground. Seconds later he hears the words “man down” shouted amid the bombs and bullets sounding all around him. The marine feels nothing at first except, perhaps, shock. But then…pain. A horrible, indescribable pain surges up […]

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Don’t worry anymore! George W. Bush says Prism is A-OK because he put it in there to protect the country. . .trust him!

From the Huffington Post: “I put that program in place to protect the country. One of the certainties was that civil liberties were guaranteed,” Bush told CNN in an interview airing Monday. “I think there needs to be a balance, and as the president explained, there is a proper balance.” Yeah it’s okay everyone. George […]

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Che Lives or the Execution

Note: I wrote this years ago. Couldn’t get it published anywhere so I’m posting it here. ========================================================================================= I saw the traitor. He sat beneath me, his eyes fluttering nervously and his breathing erratic and short. Tears welled up in his eyes as his fate was proclaimed. This man was a traitor. He had sold us […]

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