I’ve got an idea…let’s not attack Syria and say we did


There are way too many things that could go wrong with the United States Government’s latest attempt of being a cop of the world. Here are just a few in no particular order:

1. We’ve already given the Syrian government way too much time to prepare for our inevitable strikes.

Even if you forget the moral and political implications of what we are about to do, from a strategic perspective we shouldn’t have given them a head start. It just makes things that much more difficult.

2. Russia could get involved.

OK so this may not be true, but just the very small possibility of this happening is worth thinking about. World War 3 will not be fun, especially if it starts from something like this. Russia has sent a couple of warships to the Mediterranean already so there does exist the possibility that something ridiculous could happen.

3. We could kill innocent civilians.

It has always my personal belief that no innocent civilian, particularly children, deserve to suffer and die for what their government did. Unfortunately the USG doesn’t see it the same way and has routinely ordered drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan which have killed a lot of civilians. I would highly recommend watching Jeremy Scahill’s tour de force ‘Dirty Wars’ if you don’t believe me. Or Google it even.

4. Iraq

Need I say more?

5. The attack on Syria does not seem to have a point.

Obama (or Kerry speaking for Obama) has already said that the point is not to overthrow the regime or change the course of the conflict. So what is the point? They say to punish Syria for using chemical weapons but it seems very short sighted. What are we going to bomb them and sit back and watch everything turn to chaos? Doesn’t seem smart.

6. It may have been the rebels, and not the Syrian government, who used chemical weapons.

There are conflicting reports about this, but there is still a lot of ambiguity about who really used the chemical weapons. Until I see hard evidence of the Syrian governments usage of chemical weapons, I don’t believe them.

7. We could end up helping Al Qaeda

The main faction of the rebels is allied with Al Qaeda. Why on earth would we want to help them? Good question. I wish Obama would address this but he won’t, obviously.

So that’s it. Let me know what you think.

Suicide Ideology

I thought I could make a difference when I tossed that canister of gasoline on myself and lit a match. I was wrong. All I did was burn to death while millions of people watched. I thought being a martyr would change things, but all it did was give corporate media another headline about a deranged soul in search of infamy. I thought that my time had drawn to a close and that this was the only way I could still be of use to this world. I was wrong in every respect and I’ve come to accept that.

Only hell is way too hot and heaven is way too clean. The only middle ground is nothingness. I guess that’s why God invented doubt.

Diary of a Wannabe Journalist Pt. 1

There was no end in sight.

No end to the inevitable feeling of loss that punctuated my existence as a revolutionary journalist failure. I gazed up at the moonlight and saw inside it the future; a dark bleak one where not only were my dreams destroyed by my own selfishness, but where the possibility for dreams was taken away from me by force.

But it was already happening. People talk about things like this as if it’s not already happening but I know it is. . .in many more ways than one. But I guess that was the time; my time, our time, now. As the age of Obama rolled on, I knew that things would only get worse. The question is was it worth it?

Was it past or present? I don’t know. I thought that the forces of good would triumph over evil, but so far I’ve been disappointed. But that’s only if you think the news on television is paramount to reality. Good triumphs over evil every day, but people do not notice.

So I knew that it wouldn’t all end in tears, but I also knew there were too many pressing issues concerning my wellbeing and the general happiness of my home country, America. To take into consideration the idea of a mass produced image of mind numbing discontent, you only need look at the younger populace. They are the ones getting fucked.

If nobody hears the cry of my generation, then war will be the inevitable conclusion to this tragedy. But we still have a chance, and it is for us to stand up and let our voices be heard as one. We are all on the same boat. Humanity must survive because it defines our very existence. The ones who will carry on our legacy—our children—need only be thrown into chaos and death while the older ones slip into death with troubled minds.

Sweet dreams, America.

Chelsea Manning

Shortly after the old guard vanished into thin air, my head began to fill with delusions of grandeur. Soon enough, I was bouncing off the walls and spreading the word of God with my fists; truly an unfortunate set of circumstances. . .

But Chelsea Manning grounded me. I knew, of course, that her imprisonment was wrong. I knew, of course, that she was a heroine. It doesn’t take much more than honesty to see any of this–of course–but where there is good there also must be evil.

And still. . .midnight Google searches never yield the desired result. Always it comes back to the terrifying admission that we still have a long way to go before any sort of recognition will be made. Even so, knowing that is not enough.

Let us forget for a moment that there is such a thing as truth in this world. Let us remind ourselves that in a world where lies are considered truth, that this is the ultimate reality. . .at least until someone says “Fuck that.”

And that’s where Chelsea Manning comes in. And everyone like her. In some ways, she has inspired a new revolution of truth. For that, this American will be forever grateful.

Hollywood Blues

Hollywood Boulevard stretched out in front of me like a rubber band, and it was empty on a Sunday morning. The only people on the street now were the destitute. They looked at me with sunken eyes, asking me for change or a cigarette. I had both, but gave neither and walked away with my nose in the air. However, it wasn’t as if I thought I was better than them or anything like that, but it pays to treat them as such; kindness will always be mistaken for weakness in this town.

After I had picked up more cigarettes, I sat down with my guitar to play a few notes and to make a few bucks. I certainly played a few songs, but the money did not drop very consistently and soon I was packing up my stuff and moving on to another area. I said goodbye to Hollywood Boulevard and went the opposite way to the sunset boulevard, hoping to find what I was looking for there.

I did no better on Sunset Boulevard, and soon I was making my way to the Pig n Whistle, a pub that supposedly Shirley Temple used to frequent; not that it made any difference to me, but I was inclined to remember this obscure fact so that I could bring it up in conversation at a later point, if only to brag that I had played a set there.

When I got there I ordered wings and a Guinness. I felt in that moment like I knew what I was doing; as if I were a true native of southern California. But I wasn’t. I was just another kid from New York stupid enough to travel to the City of Angels, where there was no hope for jobs or success or fame or money and the streets were littered with New Yorkers who were now homeless. All around me, I saw them: old faces and young faces . . . casualties of the American Dream, that tradition of fame and glory which drives those who can see no other way mad with desire and leaves them drunk and on the street with nothing.

I tried to see myself in those faces, but they were hidden by shaggy hair. Instead I drank a toast to my own failures, and let myself drift away from LA.

Cole Brothers Draws Protests in Oceanside

Photo by Anngel Nalbantian

Originally published the Rockville Centre Patch:

Protesters affiliated with Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION) carrying a banner that read “Circuses enslave, neglect, and abuse” stood in the middle of a roadway Monday outside the entrance of the Cole Brothers Circus at Fireman’s Memorial Field in Oceanside as firefighters attempted to clear them.

Around 15 protesters attended the demonstrations.

LION has an ongoing campaign directed at the Cole Brothers Circus. Earlier in July, they demonstrated against Cole Brothers Circus at the Shinnecock reservation in the Hamptons, then at a polo grounds on the North Fork of Long Island, and now Oceanside. LION has been particularly concerned with the circuses.

“Not only are circuses cruel, but public safety is a major concern,” said LION President John Di Leonardo in a press release. “A man was already killed by a Cole Bros. elephant in Fishkill, NY. . .These animals don’t want to be caged. They’ll do anything to get free.”

Di Leonardo also said that the Oceanside Fire Department should not be sponsoring the event. “We appreciate the Fire Department needing a fundraiser. However there is no excuse for their support of this abuse. We are hoping they will be willing to meet with us after the demos so we won’t have to come back stronger next year. It’s time to face the facts and discuss a cruelty-free fundraiser. There are a lot of great ways to raise money, but hosting convicted animal abusers is not an acceptable one.”

The Oceanside Fire Department was unable to be reached for comment after multiple attempts.

The USDA has repeatedly filed charges against Cole Brothers for violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), lack of proper veterinarian care, abuse by trainers using bull hooks, and general neglect and overwork particularly as it relates to elephants. On February 23, 2011 John Pugh, owner of Cole Brothers Circus, plead guilty to violating the Endangered Species Act after selling two elephants illegally to be used for elephant rides and private parties.

Head elephant trainer, Tim Frisco, was videotaped beating elephants and screaming obscenities. In the video he yells, “I’m not going to touch [the elephants] in front of 1,000 people. She’s going to —-ing do what I want and that’s just the —-ing way it is.”

“If everybody saw that video they would not be going to the circus,” commented Jessica Julianao when asked about the video.

Elvin Bale, Vice President of Operations for Cole Brothers Circus, said that PETA was hypocritical. “You never hear of PETA going to disaster areas to help animals.” When asked what he would say to the protesters if he had a chance, he replied, “We thank the protesters for bringing the media because it helps us.”