Suicide Ideology

I thought I could make a difference when I tossed that canister of gasoline on myself and lit a match. I was wrong. All I did was burn to death while millions of people watched. I thought being a martyr would change things, but all it did was give corporate media another headline about a […]

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Chelsea Manning

Shortly after the old guard vanished into thin air, my head began to fill with delusions of grandeur. Soon enough, I was bouncing off the walls and spreading the word of God with my fists; truly an unfortunate set of circumstances. . . But Chelsea Manning grounded me. I knew, of course, that her imprisonment […]

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Hollywood Blues

Hollywood Boulevard stretched out in front of me like a rubber band, and it was empty on a Sunday morning. The only people on the street now were the destitute. They looked at me with sunken eyes, asking me for change or a cigarette. I had both, but gave neither and walked away with my […]

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Cole Brothers Draws Protests in Oceanside

Photo by Anngel Nalbantian Originally published the Rockville Centre Patch: Protesters affiliated with Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION) carrying a banner that read “Circuses enslave, neglect, and abuse” stood in the middle of a roadway Monday outside the entrance of the Cole Brothers Circus at Fireman’s Memorial Field in Oceanside as firefighters attempted to […]

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