Listening to Heroin, While sipping on Kool Aid, In the darkest rooms, While my mother waits for my father, and my father waits for his son. His son, His seed, It drains my conscience, But I gave up thinking, When I decided on the knee jerk reaction. I want it back, That warm feeling, I […]

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Lost Cause and Writing

The ceiling fan spiraled out of control and landed on the head of a lost cause. The lost cause was knocked out instantly but recovered, only to learn that his cause was indeed lost after all. That is the beginning of the end of a non-important, metaphorical entry into a diary of misunderstood vignettes. So […]

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Is the “Mainstream Media” Out of Touch with the Mainstream?

While casually browsing the news channels, I noticed a disturbing trend: the coverage of the latest NSA revelations were simultaneously being “analyzed” by Alan Dershowitz on CNN and Peter King on MSNBC. Both of these “analysts” were giving the establishment opinion and seemed to downplay the significance of these revelations, even defending the NSA to […]

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The Ghost

The ghost speaks to me. He tells me good news. The ghost knows no trouble; the ghost feels no pain. I stare at the ghost. He looks solid but he can’t possibly be real. I’m in Queens? That is what you told me. I’m beginning to realize something about that interesting place. It’s only ten […]

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Thinking on her dreams (Poem)

My faults, reflected within her, mirror my discomfort. As I gaze at deep lakes, pools of bliss and goodness, nothing but lies. What more can I offer? What more is there to me? I ask myself. On those windy evenings, When she is right here, but so distant. I dreamed this tale would end, But […]

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