Is the “Mainstream Media” Out of Touch with the Mainstream?

While casually browsing the news channels, I noticed a disturbing trend: the coverage of the latest NSA revelations were simultaneously being “analyzed” by Alan Dershowitz on CNN and Peter King on MSNBC. Both of these “analysts” were giving the establishment opinion and seemed to downplay the significance of these revelations, even defending the NSA to some extent, especially King. According to the Columbia Journalism Review, however, Americans are more likely to be opposed to the Surveillance apparatus rather than be supportive of it. So why then are these networks not at least presenting a more balanced view?

To those of us who have been following politics for awhile, this may seem a stupid question. The fact is that these media giants are owned and run as a kind of government/corporate propaganda machine. I have long since accepted this fact, but I still watching CNN especially now and then, not for their “thoughtful analysis” but rather to see how the government plans to screw us this week. In a weird way, it reminds me of the fifth book of Harry Potter when Hermione reads the Daily Prophet even though she knows its propaganda. She wanted to know what the enemy was saying. Similar if Obama was a psychopathic, evil wizard which–who knows–maybe he is.

But I digress: the “Mainstream Media” can hardly be called mainstream any longer. It’s views and opinions which it espouses are simply not in line with ordinary working people of America, or at least as far as the Spying Apparatus is concerned.

The only question now is what will be the last straw?


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