Demons like me

Demons like me sip beer Whilst the dancing beauty flirts, her midnight eyes gazing seductively, through glasses made of iron. Drinking the amber makes me stupid, But I already was when I touched her hips, that denied me my basic right, turned my privilege of want, into a fantasy of delusion, Sorting through memories, I […]

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Strangers tell me stories, Visualizing death. Strangers who know, What it means to be afraid And to care, But to forget it all, In the midst of hails of bullets. Strangers tell me lies, The lie is not subjective. And then say it was a game, It means nothing. Strangers with familiar faces, sing this […]

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If you could see me now

If you could see me now, My glistening failures, My prominent despair. If you could see me now, through this tiny hole, through this lens of gold. If you could see me now, With my vibrant tears, with my bleak hopes. If you could see me now, Would you say “well done”? Would you say […]

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Straight Talk on Bill de Blasio

According to this article from the Gothamist, Bill de Blasio received a healthy portion of his funds from Wall Street and from the NYPD. Here’s the thing: as much as people like to talk about his rhetoric, de Blasio’s funds come with conditions. The people who contributed to his campaign–many of whom are quite wealthy–do […]

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The Photojournalist

Next to the dead man sat a child. His tears, framed in a photograph, gave life to the mysterious realization of death–that is–it’s always close. The next frame showed a man with a knife on another man’s throat. His bloodlust reflected in the blade and the fear in the victim’s wide, horrified eyes. The final […]

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Diary of a Wannabe Journalist Pt 2

If reading about a wannabe journalist’s personal feelings and frustrations does not interest you, please skip this blog post. However, if you are perhaps feeling similarly to me or are otherwise sympathetic, read on. I’ve been a writer for a very long time. I’ve been a journalist for not so long. Journalism is a new […]

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Million Mask March

Thousands of people in London; hundreds in Washington DC; zero media coverage. Media blackouts for protest movements isn’t exactly a rare phenomenon, but in this case the silence of the international media including the BBC alludes to a deeper problem of media control. You may not hear about it on CNN, but it is happening. […]

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Self-deceit (poem)

When I make love to the universal clause, I sometimes forget myself. When I lose heart and ground to sadness, I discover that nothing remains the same. When I deliver a sermon of righteous indignation, I realize I only have myself to blame. When I try to forget what I said last night, I remember […]

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