Straight Talk on Bill de Blasio

According to this article from the Gothamist, Bill de Blasio received a healthy portion of his funds from Wall Street and from the NYPD.

Here’s the thing: as much as people like to talk about his rhetoric, de Blasio’s funds come with conditions. The people who contributed to his campaign–many of whom are quite wealthy–do not want him to act on his promises. Instead, they want a stooge who will continue Bloomberg’s policies with regard to the 1%.

To say this does not amount to cynicism but rather toward a healthy dose of skepticism which will serve the country well if Obama’s election campaign promises are remembered at all. In order to combat de Blasio’s possible betrayal of ethics, activist groups must not halt their efforts just because of his promises. Pressure must continue from all angles and issues.

Hope is cheap in a country of betrayal. Obama’s promises are now just slogans. Pray that doesn’t happen with de Blasio. If it does, people will need to take a second look at how not only NYC is organized but the country itself.


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