Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and the power of leaks


Wikileaks is back in the headlines with the release of a secret document containing the negotiated text within the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership. You can read the released text here, but unless you are willing to sift through endless amounts of legal jargon, you might not be able to understand how this is effects you and why it’s so controversial.

For the convenience of those reading this, various articles from various publications will be linked below to help in understanding, but it’s important to realize how much these leaks are creating political opposition toward the TPP both within Washington and the public.

For instance, this article shows how unlikely allies are opposing this partnership from both sides of the aisle. Whenever you can get bipartisan support in congress against something that is unquestionably bad for not only the American people but for the world community, you know you’ve done something right. If anything, this particular leak goes very far in confirming Wikileaks original goals and intentions: to affect political change through leaks.

On top of that, there is a growing movement around the world opposing the TPP and protests are being planned within the United States including this one organized by Occupy Naperville [Edit: This already happened. My mind is still in October apparently. I will post additional links to future protests soon].

It is clear to any objective person that the previous leaks and the newest one from Wikileaks only confirm what many activists and journalist such as Julian Assange have been saying for years: leaks have the power to change the world.

Information on the TPP:

International Business Times




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