Why the U.S. can’t win the War on Terror

Throughout time, there has been conflict; but never has there been a time that one group could impose on another group their happiness and liberty and expect to survive if they were determined to be free. With this broad context, we can understand that we will never win the War on Terror because terror itself implies a kind of fear which we will never be free of with the governments tactics.

The War on Terror isn’t real. It is more like a kind of battle cry, that calls for the immediate sacrifice of our liberty in order to security their security, not necessarily ours.

Even as I type this I’m nervous about the impact of my words. It’s hard to suppress but I’m determined to speak truth to power.

The War on Terror is really a war on our hearts and minds. Are we willing to march to the beat of war, death, and destruction?

That is a question that every person will have to answer sooner or later.