#WaveofAction and why it’s needed

The worldwide hacktivist group Anonymous and its allies are hoping that April 4th, the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s death, will be the next activism storm that will engulf the world similar to that of Occupy. Will it succeed?

That solely depends on you.

All over the United States are activists who are waiting for something to happen. But what is that something, and when will it occur? More importantly, how long must we wait? The truth is that enough has happened to warrant a nationwide movement against various injustices committed by the United States Government. Perhaps it is more important that people do something rather than nothing. Either way, this stunt is destined to be a flop without social media promotion, which is why I’m doing my small little part in this blog post.

Occupy had its share of problems and there is no question we should do better. I think it is unfair to the cause that people are scared out of their wits and in hiding because of fear of the police or fear of the government or fear of whatever else they may be scared of. This is not a time for fear. This is a time for action. We will all either survive or fall by our actions. I don’t think we should be remembered for what we didn’t do.

However, as honorable as it is to repeat certain phrases and cliches, I will acknowledge that this will not be easy. It will require work and effort on many peoples parts. But we must get this going.

So with that said, go to the website http://www.waveofaction.org and for God’s sake organize!


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