On ‘Supporting the Troops’: A short memorial day dispatch


On Memorial Day, we are told to support our troops. We are told to remember the sacrifices that our troops have made for us and our country; freedom, democracy, and all that jazz. Most of this huzzahing comes from politicians. But what is the real reason for all the hoopla about ‘supporting our troops’?

Iraq is now in a state of chaos and the war in Afghanistan, which has dragged on for over a decade, is sure to follow suit once we leave there. The War on Terror, in and of itself, seems like a poorly designed soap opera where the only winners are those at the top. The losers are much more pronounced but—at the same token—invisible. There will be no discussion on the media or from the President about the 14% rise in civilian casualties from 2012; 2,959 to be exact. Only 127 American soldiers have lost their lives there last year. How are their lives more important than the men, women, and children of Afghanistan? Is there any conceivable justification for parading our ignorance on a street filled with children waving the American flag?

For the soldiers, is it enough to have a day where we ‘remember’ and then conveniently forget the very next? What kind of service to the troops are we giving when we decide to send them off to die one day and then say to ourselves, “Oops. Maybe it was a mistake to send those people off to die.”

I have no doubts that our country’s military is filled with patriotic, brave individuals who would gladly sacrifice their lives in its defense. But that completely misses the point. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are not serving anyone anymore. The United States has become a rogue state that does whatever it wants whenever it wants, and damn the international law and the backlash. I’m still quite confused as to why we are in Afghanistan. If anyone can give me a definitive answer as to why we are there, I will send you an electronic cookie.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t support the troops. I do. I just think it’s a little weird that the people who keep telling me to support them are the ones stabbing them in the back. I don’t approve, and neither should you.


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