Israel has a right to defend itself … Not to mercilessly slaughter innocent men, women , and children

Israeli strikes in Gaza destroy office of Hamas premier.

Let’s be clear here. As much as people may like to argue that Israel shouldn’t even exist, the fact is that–while they are correct–it already does. To talk about destroying Israel and Israelis is just as much of a crime as was Israel’s land grab that started all this bullshit in the first place.

However, that does not excuse the needless amounts of death and destruction that Israel is inflicting on Gaza right now.

As hard as this might be to do, try and picture a world where the United States is not the supreme super power. Where we are extremely vulnerable to attack and we know it. Where another country has invaded us, destroyed our homes, and moved into our neighborhoods, whilst protecting their settlers with armed guards. To make matters worse, they regularly and indiscriminately bomb your country, killing your children and then when you fight back, accuse you of being a terrorist.

That is the world the Palestinians–and other oppressed peoples like them–are living in right now.

As an American, my view in Israel is often seen as wrong, anti-Semitic, terrorist-sympathizing, criminal, or worse but I believe my fellow Americans would be very surprised to learn that the majority of the world’s population does not support Israel:

A 2013 Pew poll found vastly more unfavorable feelings toward Israel outside than within the United States, which registered a 27 percent unfavorable view of Israel and a 57 percent favorable view. In contrast, 44 percent of people in Britain had an unfavorable view of Israel. Unfavorable views of Israel were held by 62 percent in Germany, 65 percent in France, 66 percent in China and in the 80 percent to 90 percent range in Arab and Muslim countries.

I expect the number of Americans to have an unfavorable view of Israel will continue to grow despite unapologetic pro-Israeli propaganda in the mainstream media.

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