WAR: ONLINE needs your help

Dear friends and readers, I decided to release WAR: ONLINE as a serial novel as an experiment to see if independent publishing could work as a feasible means of reaching people on a wide scale. However, since I have a limited budget, this idea seems to be failing because without promotion, it is very difficult […]

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WAR: ONLINE is a dystopian science fiction serial novel about a video game journalist trapped in a virtual reality death game. Seven more sales are required for me to be able to continue this series. If you have not purchased yet, please do so. It is only 99 cents! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P6TURAS


WAR: ONLINE Episode 1 is out!!!!

WAR: ONLINE, the epic dystopian tale of a video game journalist trapped in a virtual reality death game, has just been released independently on kindle! For only 99 cents, you can look forward to a new installment of this serial novel on a monthly basis–perhaps eventually weekly. The fate of WAR: ONLINE is completely up […]

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War: Online Episode 0

The game, they said, would be perfect for our purposes. A massively multiplayer recruitment tool. The kind that will take our enemies by surprise. The kind that will condition our allies to accept the inevitable. “We are at war,” said General Thromm. “There is a thin line that separates our country from anarchy. We will […]

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