WAR: ONLINE needs your help

Dear friends and readers,

I decided to release WAR: ONLINE as a serial novel as an experiment to see if independent publishing could work as a feasible means of reaching people on a wide scale. However, since I have a limited budget, this idea seems to be failing because without promotion, it is very difficult to reach a greater audience.

Therefore, I have decided that I will not publish anymore of WAR: ONLINE until I reach a total of 10 sales. I have only three so far. Ten sales is not that much and keep in mind that because the price is so low, I’m only making about 35 cents of whatever is sold. I made the price so cheap so it could be widely available, but I need help.

I implore you to please buy this story. It is only 99 cents and will be delivered directly to your kindle. I also ask that if you do decide to purchase, and you like it, to please share this with others. Doing so will not only help me, but it will also help you if you’re interested in reading more. Not only that, but it will become a big boost to independent publishing.

The link to purchase is attached below.

Thanks to all for reading and have a good day,

Kevin Limiti


Edit: Posted wrong link before. Here is the correct one.

Need 7 more sales of WAR: ONLINE by the end of the week, or I will not continue

Despite my best efforts, and I realize that there are challenges in independently publishing anything, so far WAR: ONLINE has been a flop. The amount of time it takes to promote the piece is not translating into sales. Although I have high hopes for this story, I need people to start buying it so I at least know its good enough to continue. If I can’t get these sales, I may not make an episode 2. Therefore, I would implore each and everyone of you who has an interest in my writing or at the very least an interest in science fiction to please make a purchase and support independent authors. Thanks in advance and have a great day!

Kevin Limiti


WAR: ONLINE Episode 1 is out!!!!

WAR: ONLINE, the epic dystopian tale of a video game journalist trapped in a virtual reality death game, has just been released independently on kindle! For only 99 cents, you can look forward to a new installment of this serial novel on a monthly basis–perhaps eventually weekly.

The fate of WAR: ONLINE is completely up to those reading this. I would love to continue, but will not if I don’t know anybody is reading it. So far, I have a measly TWO sales. I will continue the story for definite if I can get EIGHT additional ones.

With that said, please enjoy the read. Below is the link where you can purchase.

Thanks again!


War: Online Episode 1 Debuts Tomorrow!

The awesome, excellent, outstanding, and did I say phenomenal serial novel, War: Online, is coming out tomorrow on Amazon! If you pre-order now, you will be mentioned in a dedication for the next episode! Because you will be what is making this happen! This is completely independent publishing on my part. I’m doing everything myself. Please support independent writers and publishers!

Below is the link to preorder.