War: Online Episode 0

The game, they said, would be perfect for our purposes. A massively multiplayer recruitment tool. The kind that will take our enemies by surprise. The kind that will condition our allies to accept the inevitable. “We are at war,” said General Thromm. “There is a thin line that separates our country from anarchy. We will not allow this government to fall. We will remain strong, by any means necessary.”

A storied conclusion to the final chapter in the war against the powerless … perhaps that is what General Thromm had in mind. I will not attempt to try and analyze the inner workings of his mind, but I will say that the man was insane—better off in a lunatic asylum than as a 5 star general. He would be the one destroying us and not our official “enemies of the state”. The enemies of the state have conveniently switched from terrorists to journalists and then to Russians.

I spoke with the developers. They told me it was ready for launch. We organized a pre-order ad campaign, which promised to give a, “War experience like no other!”

Those who purchased and played were in for a nasty surprise. But there was nothing I could do, even if I wanted to help. The whole thing was my idea. But to think it could actually have been seriously considered? I will be responsible for the deaths of thousands, yet my intentions were pure. I hate to quote a cliché but, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions?”

“Colonel MacCool?” the white coated game developer asked, looking up at me with a shocked expression.

“Never mind,” I said, barely above a whisper. “You may begin when ready.”

A switch was flicked, the dark room was lit by dozens of television screens.

War: Online was officially launched.


Pre-order the first episode of the new serial novel, War: Online, for .99 cents at Amazon!



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