Sonic Weapon Used on Protesters in NYC

A long ranged acoustic device, commonly referred to as an LRAD, was used at around 1 in the morning on December 5th against those protesting the decision of the Grand Jury in Staten Island not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who was shown on video choking Eric Garner until he passed out and later died. It was used near Columbus Circle, at 57 East and Madison Avenue.

The LRAD is a sonic weapon which, according to the corporation that made it, can cause extreme pain to anyone within a hundred meters of the sound path. The LRAD 500X is the typical model carried by law enforcement. That particular model can be heard up to 650 feet away and is also capable of direct, short bursts of sound which can cause severe headaches and even permanent hearing loss. The video above seems to show this particular method being used, although that cannot be confirmed.

The LRAD has reportedly been used in the United States since 2009 when it was deployed against G20 protesters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There have also been some reports of it being used on Occupy protesters in Oakland and NYC in 2011 and, most recently, in Ferguson, Missouri.

(Source for above:

It is wonderful that those in the media want to talk about the NYPD’s supposed ‘restraint’ when it came to policing these protests in Manhattan but, eventually, we as a country are going to have to have a discussion about whether or not it is right and/or moral to use sonic weapons against predominantly peaceful protesters in one of the most densely populated areas in the world. If you were on the receiving end of a sonic weapon such as the one used in the aforementioned video, you may think twice about taking to the streets. Perhaps that is what the NYPD has in mind.


One thought on “Sonic Weapon Used on Protesters in NYC

  1. My name is Darren M. and I believe I am being targeted with concentrated infrasonic sound waves while I attempt to sleep. I believe I am being targeted for D.E.W. (directed energy weapon) experimentation/harassment purposes by an entity within the U.S. government employing private contractors to carry out this experimentation/harassment.

    I am awakened many times throughout my sleep periods to a feeling of vibrations traveling through my body in a straight line. The vibrations are focused in a narrow beam. It is impossible for me to stay asleep when I am targeted with these inaudible concentrated sound waves which increase my pulse rate as they travel through me. Different parts of my body are targeted at different times. When my head is targeted I will awake with moderate to severe headaches. I have also experienced head spins to the point that I had to lift my head up out of a lying down position to make them stop. When my chest area is targeted, I will awake with rapid or irregular heartbeats. In addition, I experience sleep deprivation on a nightly basis due to the repeated forced awakenings. The private contractors that target me hit me every 1-2 hours on average during the first part of my sleep period, and they increase the frequency of their targeting to every 15-30 minutes during the 2nd part of my sleep period. I fear that I will lose my job and become homeless due to the sleep deprivation that this experimentation/harassment has caused me. I also fear that my health will deteriorate.

    I want to make sure that my story is told in the event this experimentation causes my premature death. I also want to make sure that potential future victims do not suffer the way I have from these silent sound wave weapons. I don’t believe anyone can help me because of my failed attempts to provide proof of this experimentation and the apparent disbelief and disinterest of the authorities in the U.S.

    Darren M.
    Email: dewtarget05 AT yahoo DOT com

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