Free Barrett Brown

It is with incredible sadness and anger that I report Barrett Brown, a hero of mine who was found guilty of the crime of doing journalism, has been sentenced to 63 months in prison.

This sentence is a declaration of war against all journalists, particularly the ones that do not fit the mainstream mold and tout official lines of the mainstream. It is a declaration of war against activists, bloggers, and truth tellers in America and is the official end of free speech in America as we know it.

I will not get into the specifics of this case, as there are many others more equipped at I who will surely do that. However, I want to express that the effect that this will have may indeed be ‘chilling’ but that it will also have unintended and unforeseen consequences for the United States government.

Unintended consequences include more journalists who possess the willingness and ability to pursue stories which will directly oppose the propagandist lines held by the mainstream media and the United States government. It is these consequences which will one day boil over and destroy what little remains of this unjust system, which has signed its own death warrant the minute it turned its powers against its own people and on those that would speak out against it. Make no mistake …Barrett Brown is in jail because he uncovered the truth of surveillance by private contractors. But the truth is still out there.

This government is a monster–a machine that seeks nothing more than to consolidate its own power. But what it does not know will hurt it. It will not pay attention until it gets bitten in the ass. There are a million more Barrett Brown’s out there and nobody knows who they are.

And they will not find out–until it is necessary. That day might already be here.



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