We’ll meet again … don’t know where … don’t know when


I can’t help but think this might be a good time to revisit ‘Dr. Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.’ Watching a man ride a nuclear bomb towards complete annihilation will ultimately help keep my mind at ease what with the escalating tensions between Donald Trump and North Korea.

Somehow I can’t get scared or nervous about being blown to smithereens right now. I’m too exhausted with a whole lot of other related and unrelated matters. We elected Donald Trump so, according to the process at least, he is the right man for the job. I wonder though if he is going a little too far to prove he doesn’t have a tiny penis.

The thing is though–bombing North Korea will not help South Koreans. They have a lot of missiles in their country and we can’t take all of them out. It won’t help us either. It might help Trump though, even if he does nothing at all except act like a belligerent narcissistic man-child that he is.

Don’t expect Trump to tone down anything. This is what he lives for. His entire existence is one big spectacle. He is a brand that did a good advertising job during election season. He looked so sparkly and golden when we bought him. But he’s been getting a bit rusty now and isn’t working like expected. Unfortunately though, the Electoral College doesn’t accept returns and now we’re stuck with it.

I will admit though, it does give me the chills that we were even capable of electing something like him as the leader of the United States. Maybe a nuclear apocalypse will help drain the swamp a bit. Is he the one to set the reset button? The survivors can build a new society from the ground up. Lucky them! Most of us will die though. Oh, well. Can’t be helped. After all, Trump is President.




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