The Angels Bowling

When I was younger, I was afraid of thunder. The rain would pour down and I would cringe when I saw the flash because I knew what was coming next. There would be a slight crackle and then—in the space of a millisecond—there would be a great boom as if a cannon from the civil […]

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Picture in a frame

I look at her picture again. She was so beautiful to me back then. She is no longer beautiful to me now. She is just what she is: a picture in a frame. The dark-haired, blue eyed beauty I once loved unrequitedly no longer has that luster. Does that mean she changed? Or did I […]

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Love left on a train

The smell on her breath was whiskey and smoke. I pulled back from the kiss and gazed into her eyes, which looked at me with a mix of loving affection and terrible sadness. She turned away from me and boarded the train going toward Penn Station. I stood back and lit a cigarette. The train […]

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Cretin Heaven

The words left softly from the end of the stick. There was no honor in losing to the fools anymore. It had to end here. Still, time moved on and nothing changed. When the Ramones played and the crowd started jumping, I fell back into the men’s room and did a line of redemption. Because […]

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Does the Red Rose sing?

When I saw it, with its red petals and prickly thorns, I reacted most unexpectedly. The truth is, I picked it up by the thorn and smelled the petals that brushed against my half-shaven face. It felt as if God himself were touching my body, and I knew then that things would never be the […]

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The truth about Sarah

The truth about Sarah is that she didn’t know what pill to take when they told her that she had anxiety, so she took the green ones instead of the blue. The blue pills would’ve made her slow, but the green ones made her fast. They were so strong that she ended up jumping out […]

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