Letter to Bradley Manning

Dear PFC. Bradley Manning, Your honor and your courage has truly inspired me. I became interested in the truth when I was younger; I became semi-serious about the truth when I became a writer; and–now–I am completely serious about the truth today, thanks to you. You have inspired me to be a journalist. I believe […]

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Support Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown is an investigative reporter and ex-operative of Anonymous, the world-wide hacking collective. He has been indicted three times and is facing over a hundred years in prison. On the surface, we are supposed to believe that Barrett Brown is a danger to federal agents and society as a whole. In reality, the only […]

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Bradley: A Poem

Yesterday, I attended a mass rally for Bradley Manning two days before his court martial. Not knowing what I can write that hasn’t been written before, I decided to do something a little more creative: Bradley Tomorrow is here, but truth is nowhere near, Where there should be tears, There is only fear, Along that […]

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There is no hope. . .except for hope

I don’t care if its the state of our country or the state of World Wrestling Entertainment: you can make deductions based on certain patterns of behavior. I’m assuming if you’re reading this blog, you have at least a basic understanding of the patterns that are emerging from our government i.e. a willingness and ability […]

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