The smear campaign against Antifa

  This morning, the Washington Post published this article titled ‘Yes, Antifa is the moral equivalent of Neo-Nazis.’ The article immediately gets off on the wrong foot by calling Antifa “neo-communists”. What exactly is a “neo-communist” is anyone’s guess but it is apparently bad. The author of the article, Marc A. Thiessen says this: And […]

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Black Lives Matter Part 1

The reason black lives matter isn’t because white lives don’t. It’s because all lives matter once black lives do. This is a concept I only really began to grasp recently. As a freelance journalist, I’ve tried to cover to the best of my ability the outrage over the killings of black men throughout the United […]

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A day in the life

The trees look down on me with their heavy branches swaying. I stop myself and take a picture without thinking. I don’t know what the picture means to me until I look back at it. I just get bored of trees like this sometimes. I stopped on the road to get cigarettes from the liquor […]

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I believe

I don’t want to be a priest, a prophetic wizard, or a lion tamer. I don’t want to explain why I have to do what I do. I don’t need to be sympathized for, laughed at, criticized, or rejected . I don’t need a helping hand to see me through tragedy. I don’t believe I’ll […]

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