Things Have Changed Since the NSA Leaks


Something is different now than before the leaks. There is an obvious change in mood within the country, and more people are starting to pay attention. More people are starting to become willing to take risks in order to raise public awareness about the crimes of the U.S. government. Now, all that is left is to sit back and watch the fireworks. . .or better yet to get out onto the streets and do something about it.

As with all eras of human history, people are given reasons to change the way their government operates by challenging structures of power that exist in a given society. Now is another one of those times. We have an opportunity to change our ways or do nothing and fall into oblivion. The choice clearly rests with the public, and it is thanks to Edward Snowden that we get to make this choice.

Therefore it is only natural that I call for all those in the area of NYC on Wednesday to congregate at the Occupied Cooper Union and to express their discontent with the state of things. For more info, check out

We do not consent.

We are the people.

We are not afraid.


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